AcroLove Teacher Training

Upcoming Trainings

Xinalani Retreat Center, Mexico

In-Person / Residential /August 31 – Sept. 10th, 2024

All-inclusive: Meals, lodging, transport, and Teacher Training. 12 miles south of (PVR) Puerto Villarta at the beautiful Xinalani Retreat and Training Center.

AcroLove Teacher Training is a partner acrobatics teacher training for people who want to share their love of acro. It consists of intensive instruction in L-base acrobatics with a focus on skills including; washing machines, whips, pops, foot-to-hand, hand-to-hand, standing, and other circus monkey tricks!

In addition to the physical skills, training will include multiple sessions on teaching methodology, the ‘business’ of being an acro teacher, best practices for social media promotion, and community facilitation. The restorative practice of Acropeutics will be incorporated to create a more sustainable acrobatic practice and to help facilitate connection and community.

All material presented will be taught using progressions and method based teaching practices. You will come out of this training equipped to not only teach acrobatics, but with the knowledge to train intelligently, heal yourself, and support your community.

Training Goals


Learn methods, techniques, and progressions to teach L- base acrobatics.


Embody high level acrobatics, teaching, and facilitation skills.


Learn safety, healthy communication, and community building.


Through conversations, videos you share with us, and speaking with your local community leaders, we will assess where you are in your practice and if AcroLove Teacher Training is right for you.

Xinalani Reteat and Training Aug 31-Sep 10, 2024

Now with NEW Acro mats for safe training in these beautiful ocean-view studios

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