Lizzy Tomber

Lizzy is life-long circus monkey with an Masters in Business. From the time she could crawl she was monkeying around and was lucky enough to have an older brother that was in the circus. Throughout childhood, Lizzy loved gymnastics, acrobatics, and circus classes. Then like many people, she ‘became an adult’ and mostly forgot about these things until the universe sent her some amazing friends including Josh Young who awakened that inner-child-acrobat! She loves playing with and learning from friends and sees everyone’s potential to be an acrobatic super hero! In addition to teaching yoga, she has facilitated an after-school circus program for under-served youth, a women’s empowerment group in Washington DC, and women’s political training programs in the Middle East. Lizzy believes that acrobatics helps us learn life lessons about balance, inner-strength, and literally and figuratively lifting up others.

St Louis, MO, USA
Acro Revolution