Adam Hiner

Coming from a background in yoga including Vinyasa, Anusara and Ashtanga, Adam has always had a love for movement. When he found acroyoga he was instantly hooked. The communication, trust, and community building that he discovered throughout the practice opened up a whole new world. Eager to learn as much as possible Adam has attended classes, festivals and workshops from the top teachers in the practice. In 2014 Adam began training under Jean-Luc Martin who owns the San Diego Circus Center and is one of the top coaches for partner acrobatics and handstands in the country. He trains hand to hand, partner acrobatics and handstands with Jean-Luc on a regular basis. Getting certified to teach acro by Acro Revolution in April 2015, Adam hit the ground running. He now teaches workshops and classes with a focus on intermediate to advanced skills. Adam organizes a series of festivals called AcroLove Festival bringing the best teachers and practitioners from around the country to share the AcroLove in sunny San Diego.