Takeshi Hiratsuka

I have two major policies. They are “Helping you survive without injury” and “Helping you keep going Acro in your busy routine.”.

# Helping you survive without injury

Acro is an activity that can be dangerous if you challenge without following the rules. I teach safe spotting and how to fall safely, even if it happens, without getting hurt. We support you to get back to life in your daily life.

# Helping you keep going Acro in your busy routine.

I’m a full-time office worker. And I have two children in my family. So I have three different personas: office worker, father, and acro lover. It is. I know how tough this usage is. And I will support someone who uses multiple personas in the same way.

Based on these two policies, my philosophy is to support an acro beginner and those who want to continue acro.

Tokyo, Japan
English, Japanese
AcroLove Certified