Steve Cummings

A chance encounter with a Swedish elf in the mystical playgrounds of Bali led to Steven’s discovery of acro yoga, and his pursuit of the flying arts has continued around the globe. A former Captain in the US Army, Steven is additionally the veteran of numerous acro yoga trainings and events such as Divine Play, BossyFlyer, AcroGasm, AcroLove, and the Nordic Acro Fest. Less than two years removed from deployment to Afghanistan, he completed yoga teacher training in the Himalayas of India and has since taught yoga and acro yoga in Europe, Asia, and across the Americas. San Diego’s ever-inspiring yoga and acro communities allow Steven ample opportunities to practice, perform, and teach with the intent of sharing the joy he’s experienced with others. Outside of Steven’s acro obsession, he moonlights as a viking impressioniste, gelato aficionado, and collector of fallen stars.