Sean Kirkpatrick

Acro Revolution Teacher


Sean Kirkpatrick grew up in Missouri Valley, IA and moved to Fort Collins in 2014. He has a degree in Leisure, Youth, and Human Service from the University of Northern Iowa. Along with a 4 year degree, Sean is also certified through Rocky Mountain Slackline as a professional Slackline instructor and performer. His styles of slacklining include Slackline yoga, tricklining, waterlining, longlining, and highlining. When he is not on the Slackline, you can find him teaching acrobatic yoga through out the Colorado area. Sean attended his acrobatic teachers training through Acro Revolution in June 2016 and has over 30 hours of assisting acrobatic classes. Sean commutes daily to Boulder and Denver to maintain a strong acrobatic practice that will inspire others through his love and dedication of acrobatics yoga.