Rosa Ramirez

Rosa is the creator and founder of Every Body Acro. As an auto-immune warrior and creatively capable athlete, she is dedicated to reframing what it means to be physically active. Taking limitations and making them opportunities for creativity. Empowering each of us to get to know, listen to, and advocate for our bodies.

Rosa counts herself lucky to have had a lifetime of movement starting with gymnastics at a young age, teaching children’s dance as a young adult, certified as a yoga teacher, and teaching acro yoga as a certified Acro Love teacher. Through her own journey with chronic pain and loss of mobility, she discovered the amazing adaptability of acro. She created the free community website that centers around flows and poses with built-in modification. Her heart is drawn to empowering capability through workshops and classes that focus on empowering creativity and customization.

A visual artist by trade, she is dedicated to building beautiful references and highlighting the capabilities of all bodies through her photos. You can follow her on Instagram @everybodyacro. Get access to Acro decks, handouts, downloads, interactive quizzes, and positive body message apparel at

Portland, OR, USA
AcroLove Certified