Michelle Griffith

Acro Revolution Teacher


Moab, UT

Michelle grew up savoring the Colorado mountains through hiking in the summers, and skiing and snowboarding in the winters. While in college at the Colorado School of Mines where she worked for a BS in Engineering Physics, Michelle’s outdoor repertoire expanded at the same rate as her academic repertoire. She quickly began regularly practicing yoga, and became obsessed with rock climbing and slacklining, specifically slacklining over canyons and gorges, high enough to have to wear a harness for safety. Michelle has been out of school for years now and has spent her time traveling full time, teaching and sharing her passion of yoga, acrobatics, performance, and slacklining with many willing learners in festivals and workshops domestically and internationally. She’s put 50,000 miles on her live-in Toyota Tacoma, and has checked off 4 continents over the past 2 years, and counting. She currently lives in Moab, UT, where she teaches and explores the amazing desert canyons.

200-hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
AcroRevolution Teacher
YogaSlackers Teacher
Wilderness First Responder