Melissa Murphy

Melissa has been a monkey since she was young, finding movement through dance, tumbling and sports. She began practicing yoga as an adult and soon found triathlons to challenge her mentally and physically. Along the way, she began coaching others by combining cardio, strength training and flexibility training. In addition to her interest in physical movement, Melissa appreciates the impact food on our health and happiness and is completing her Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry so she can share this knowledge with others.

Amidst the rigors of Ph.D. work, a dance partner introduced her to Acroyoga and training commenced immediately. In it, she found the perfect combination of creativity, balance and physical challenge all while smiling and making memories with the best people. She loves the acro community and wants to share it with the world. Through acro practice, it is possible to face individual fears, develop trust in others and communicate clearly and lovingly. When Melissa teaches acro, she ensures her students feel safe and enabled to surpass their own expectations. Her hope is to teach others how to create a safe space like the one that she found in the acro community and at Acro Revolution.