Laurel Goodman

Acro Revolution Teacher

2016 Graduate

Columbia, Missouri

Laurel found Acro on a five month bicycle tour in S.E. Asia. Upon her return to the U.S., Laurel landed in Columbia, Missouri. Not knowing anyone, she created friendships and built community by flying strangers on her feet. Organically, she began teaching Acro to her new friends and growing the Como Acro community. Laurel comes from a background in breakdancing and brings improvisation and creativity into her teaching. In Laurel’s classes, she creates a fun, challenging, and community-oriented environment where students can safely grow their acrobatic skills alongside trust and communication in their partnerships. Twice a year, Laurel hosts student showcases at a local brewery. For many of her students who have never performed before, this proves as an empowering opportunity to train, create, and put their skills on stage for friends, family, and the larger community. When she’s not doing Acro, you can find Laurel mountain biking, traveling to visit friends, chasing adventure, or enjoying good food.