Josh Young

Josh is happiest when he is empowering others to be the best version of themselves. He spends all of his free time flying everyone through hand-to-hand, washing machines, whips, and pops! When he is not tossing someone around, he is dorking out on cataloging every single acro washing machine, pose, and transition. After spending years searching for acro videos on YouTube, Josh came up with the idea to build a free resource for acrobats everywhere. Not only does Josh have a deep love for high-level acrobatics, he also practices acropeutics, a partner inversion healing practice.

Josh’s movement journey began when he was tormented by lower back pain. After 14 surgeries and hundreds of doctors he found no relief from chronic pain. He healed himself through yoga and mindfulness practices. Josh also spent over a decade as a critical care registered nurse, working in intensive care. His passion for healing others developed into his passion for partner acrobatics. Josh’s mission in life is to empower people to find their own path to happiness, healing, support, and love.

Saint Louis, MO, USA
Acro Revolution