Isabel Essen

Acro Revolution Teacher

2014 Graduate

Cape Town, South Africa

The idea of making Acro available to everyone is a dream come true for me. With a background in dance and teaching dance, I have always been drawn to movement practices of various kinds. This passion for movement initially brought me to Yoga, which turned into teaching Yoga as well as discovering one of my greatest passions: Partner Acro – in all its forms and shapes.

After attending my first Acro workshop in 2012, I was instantly hooked, and have never looked back since.

Whether I teach in English or German, I am a patient, caring, joyful and compassionate teacher and love sharing my genuine passion for this playful practice. With skill, confidence and a great sense of humour, I truly belief in my students’ ability to grow and progress.

Offering articulate explanations and a deep understanding of the practice, l strive to present a supportive, adventurous and creative experience in which individuals can thrive, explore their boundaries and connect to others in a warm, motivating and safe space.

Together with my husband Graeme, we are based in Cape Town, South Africa, but love to travel, teach and train Acro and visit our international family all over the globe.

Contact Isabel

essen.isabel [AT]