Gina Shiotani

After years of performance and dance from a background in ballet, Gina stumbled upon her playful spirit as an acro yogi in a class with Mara Harris in San Diego. She has since been an enthusiastic contributor to San Diego’s acro yoga community for several years. In addition to being a Pilates instructor, Gina’s journey as an acro teacher began through assisting Trevor Dye with his weekly intermediate acro class at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga. Gina has taught or participated in a host of festivals including AcroLove, AcroGasm, Wanderlust and Divine Play and now teaches acro regularly in San Diego and occasionally in other countries. Her love for performing and sharing the gems of her own training are evident in her teaching. When she isn’t doing acro yoga you can find Gina surfing, dancing or playing in her garden.