Gillian St. Clair

Acro Revolution Teacher

2015 Graduate

Nashville, TN

“When I’m sad I get lifted up. When you’re sad I will lift you up. Now we have no more sadness because we all can be uplifted. This is what Acro is to me” -Gillian St.Clair

Gillian was always and still is a dancer and found her yoga practice in 1999. In 2010 opened Steadfast and True Yoga. In 2008 Acro showed up in her life.

She prides herself on being a “Trelf, Medium, Switch-Hitter, LadyBase”. Never one to appreciate people making rules or roles for her to abide by or fit into. “I don’t fit. You can’t put someone in a box if they are a shape maker. The more people the more shapes we can make!” She believes people need more hugs, muscles, and flexibility physically and mentally. With concentration and healthy communication just imagine what we can do! Gillian is a certified Acro Revolution Teacher as well as a certified and authorized Yoga teacher and Trainer. She loves Choreography, Cross Fit,  her SuperBase Jason St.Clair and their acro-monkey daughter Sydelle.  Based out of Nashville TN, Gillian is available for workshops, master classes, retreats and trainings. Email [email protected] for bookings.

“I was a dancer, then a yogi, a wife and then a mother, now an acrobat. I like to lift heavy shit”. -Gillian St.Clair  “My spirit Animal is the White Unicorn and I will only share it with Lizzy so stop asking to borrow it…”