Danya Xena

Acro Revolution Teacher



[email protected]

Danya Xena has a deep passion for teaching, creating, learning, training and playing Acro. She love’s creating a supportive, safe and collaborative learning environment. She encourages everyone’s inner Super Heroes by offering a community feeling with great progressions and awesome spotting. She love’s facilitating learning and helping people base, fly and spot dynamic acrobatics at their edges in a FUN way.

Danya co-founded the Acro SuperHeroes, the SuperHero Circus Academy, the Canadian Acro Intensive and founded FemPowerAcro. She has travelled extensively across North America teaching in over 70 communities. She has collaborated in events such as AcroLicious, AcroTopia,, and the Acro Teachers Super Charge and taught at many of the large Acro festivals including: Divine Play, AcroLove, Philly Phlight, New York Acro Fest, AcroShare, AcroYoga Unity Festival & Fete Nationale d’Acroyoga.

Danya brings with her a career in adult education, coaching and facilitation, a deep passion for social justice, and a Masters degree in Diversity Studies with a focus on pedagogy (the art and science of teaching). Danya is trained as both a Partner Acrobatics and Acro Revolution Teacher and attended 10 weeks of Pitch Catch Circus in 2016.

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