Cristina Viniegra García

With an extensive contemporary dance background, she studied a career in dance education at the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA). Cristina uses her dance knowledge as a foundation for her Acroyoga practice. Passionate about education, she took a Postgraduate Certification in Education at the University of Buckingham. Acrolove certified teacher in 2020. She loves to play and share acroyoga skills promoting the development of different physical, cognitive, and creative skills.

Acro Teaching Philosophy
The practice of acroyoga has helped me to develop my physical abilities, but above all, it has given me the opportunity to know myself better and meet other people sharing experiences. Practicing acroyoga makes me focus, it keeps me enjoying the present. As a facilitator, my main goal is to inspire people, give them a wide variety of tools that motivate them to create their own knowledge. I believe that all this is generated by promoting a positive environment, but above all, a fun environment where people feel safe and confident to enjoy and share.

State of Mexico, Mexico
AcroLove Certified