Catalina Bustos

Hi! My name is Catalina. I started doing acro since 2016. In this short period time I have dabbled in the discipline of handstand and partner acrobatics stuff.

The acro really change my life and my way to communicate with others with listening and love.

My current profession is an architect and I also work in the design and illustraiton world.

I had the lucky to participate in a workshop with debbie colins and Jacob Brown and to know the school of Acrolove.

In Chile we have a very beutiful community of acro and we all want to this one get bigger and bigger. We are a few but we are the most amazing family

With Jordan we had to learn a lot of things by ourself and we really want to share all this knowledge always with kindness and the care that it takes.

We love whipops, icarian pops and challenging flows.

I love to be an student and I cant wait for live the greats moments that i know that acro can gives to my life.

Santiago, Chile
AcroLove Certified