Alexandra Mohr

Alex loves to share the joy of Acro by teaching at festivals, workshops and retreats all over the world. She is known for her infectious energy, passion and enthusiasm for Acro! She is endlessly inspired by the power of positive touch, play and community to create space for transformation of mind, body, and spirit! Through her Acro journey Alex has learned skills that allow her to navigate life and relationships with more presence, grace and ease. These include: Self-trust and self-responsibility, attuning with other nervous systems and co-creating flow states, clearly communicating needs and boundaries, making adjustments, and asking for support! Alex creates a safe container for students to explore, refine, and expand their Acro practice. She embodies and encourages full presence, clear communication, intentional collaboration and deep understanding of the sacred responsibility of spotting!

 Alex can be found adventuring and teaching Acro with her partner Jacob Brown around the globe! If you have adventure or teaching opportunities you’d like to share you can find her on IG or FB- @alexandra4adventures