Aleksandr Lazarev

Alexander Lazarev is the head of the Nizhny Novgorod open club of acrobatic yoga “Akronauts”. Organizer of the Akroyoga tour “Nizhny Novgorod-Russia” (visited more than 30 Russian cities with master classes). Organizer and teacher of the Akroyoga instructor school Akronauts of the Russian Federation. Certified Acroyoga Instructor from Acro Revolution TTC 2019.

Participant of Acroyoga seminars with world famous Akroyoga teachers: AcroYoga Montreal – Eugene Poku & Jessie Goldberg (Canada), Yanai Levor (Israel), Yohan Guichard (France), Lux Seattle Acro, Josh Young and Lizzy Tomber, Pau Castelsage (Barcelona), Jacob Brown and Debbi Collis (USA), certification course SOLAR IMMERSION with YOGASLACKERS and MasterMind by JandC

From reviews. “Classes with Sasha are always something new, he will help you explore your possibilities, feel your fears and find a way out. Sasha has an amazing feature – absolutely any person, even who comes to class for the first time, becomes an amazing flyer who makes the most complicated things.
If you like “trash” – you are welcome to classes with Alexander “

Russia Niznii Novgorod
AcroLove Certified