Yanai Levor

Yanai has been practicing circus skills for over 20 years and has performed with his family on various stages around the world. He has taught countless acrobalance (acro-yoga) and handstand workshops around the world, though his home-base is in Israel. Currently, he teaches acro at the Israel Circus School, specializing in acro for parents & kids.

Yanai has a particular affinity for handstand techniques and loves being upside down. He is often considered a “mid” in acro, meaning he is equally comfortable as a base and as a flyer. This perspective gives him a unique advantage in teaching, having a deep bodily understanding of both roles. His goal in teaching acro is to help each student be at their best, whatever that may be.

His teaching emphasizes enjoying the process as much as ‘getting there.’ He focuses on the quality of connection rather than achieving the trick. His precise language, ability to diagnose problems, and accurate instructions often enable his students to do things they at first didn’t consider possible.