Viktoriia Severina

It doesn’t matter when you decide to change your life!

Nothing matters – neither age, nor height, nor weight, nor citizenship, nor physical fitness, nor complexes, and even more so fears. Nothing but your desire and sincere attitude!

My profession is an artist, a person of art who was looking for creative and non-boring physics.

And then one day I came acro video where two athletes performed spectacular acrobatic tricks.
It was love at first sight!
I didn’t know at the time that this would be my life’s work that would help me and people….
Acroyoga is what I started promoting in Crimea.
My goal is to learn how to move, feel my body, accept my opportunities, interact, and get rid of my fears.

The main message is movement-life.

What is life without respect for your body? Without trust in each other? Without mutual assistance? Without feeling the world and yourself in it?

Acroyoga classes are designed to teach this to everyone!

Russia, Republic of Crimea
AcroLove Certified