Taras Shkvarchuk

Taras accidentally discovered acro in 2017, looking for a more social power yoga studio. He fell immediately on his butt, and for the communal, collaborative, and joyful nature of acro yoga. As a teacher, he hopes to show people that moving is fun and that standing on the shoulders of giants does indeed open up new opportunities.

Coming from a solid engineering background, Taras loves solving washing machine and body mechanics puzzles. He also has a passion for expressive dancing, such as Tango, but lacks the rhythm to compete with the stars. To let his spirit shine, Taras turns to dance acro and lets other dancers make him look good in their company. When all is said and the body is sore, this base in tights will be happy to get you into an acropeutics twist.

In most things, he enjoys working hard to work less. He believes in the power of hugs and that even the most serious endeavors are better with a smile.