Acro Revolution Teacher

2015 Graduate


Sam is a multicultural gal who has lived in and traveled to many different places all over the globe. Wherever she goes, she always loves finding a home within the acro community.

Spending several years in New Orleans surrounded by many talented artists, yogis and acrobats helped shape her practice, and living there taught her about the force of community and human connection, which she tries and share through acro everywhere. She has also just spent a year in Canada studying the Montreal style, and is currently in Europe with an intention to learn more Dutch acro to incorporate into her practice as well.

Sam considers herself an acro hybrid and loves alternating between flying and basing as well as between styles of AcroYoga. She loves the creative process, playful exploration and unique connections acro brings into her life.

For Sam, acro is an artistic expression, a living co-creation between yourself and others, and her teaching style has an emphasis on creativity and playfulness, trust and communication, and effective progressions.