Ranee Reese

Acro Revolution Teacher


Encinitas, CA

Ranee Reese is a free-spirited native of Thailand. She began practicing meditation and ancient Buddhist principles at 10 years old. She is the author of a book titled “Sexy = Yoga”, a certified Thai massage therapist, a Tantra instructor, an AcroYoga instructor, as well as a Reiki master.

Ranee is also a serial entrepreneur who has been a successful restaurant owner, owned a lighting design company, and, currently, has an extensive real estate portforlio. Yoga plays an integral part in her life.

As an inspirational speaker, Ranee also shares her passion and daily inspiration, as well as her knowledge of yoga and AcroYoga through her website www.ClubAcro.com, her social media and her Acroyoga/Partner yoga online training course, which is helping to expand yoga’s presence worldwide. She is on a mission to build and expand a yoga community. Her teaching style is very dynamic and fun.

With more than a decade of meditation, yoga and over 1,000 hours of transformational training, Ranee discovered her innate ability to guide and inspire others back to their inner beauty through daily yoga practice, so they can create a happy life in which they truly thrive.