Nestor Sandoval

Nestor was born and raised in Venezuela and is currently based in Miami. He has an amazing passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. Acro has been a great way for him to communicate and connect with people since he arrived in Miami.  He teaches classes regularly and his main focus is on creating a safe practice for new practitioners. In acro, he has been able to find an amazing expression of movement which is a passion of his. He also practices thai massage, is a certified ACE personal trainer and has a 200-hour yoga certification. Nestor was part of AcroLove TT10. You can find Nestor on Instagram @nesppic. Acro Teaching Philosophy:  My teaching philosophy is to create a safe environment for practitioners to develop good and effective communication. I would like to share with others how to acquire a better understanding of the body through acro. I believe it would be useful to use tools from other disciplines and adapting to each student’s level of practice. I believe in social justice in that I believe it is equally as important to provide an inclusive environment for everybody and more importantly have fun.