Micki Mooney

Acro Revolution Teacher

2014 Graduate

Philadelphia, PA and everywhere

Contact Micki

acroeverywhere [AT] gmail DOT com

Veterinarian by day and Acro maven by night

Micki is ridiculously talented, has an amazing depth of knowledge, can teach anyone how to do anything AND she’s so cute and kind and patient, you’ll hardly be able to stand it. If Acro was high school, Micki would be that super cool girl you wanted to hate but kept accidentally falling in love with.

Micki doesn’t fuck around with her teaching. She’s direct and insightful; her classes are designed to challenge you not matter where you are in your practice. As a bonus, she’s always perfectly coiffed in delightful outfits. A veterinarian in her rightside up life, Micki can rock a joke about animal anatomy without breaking her perfect acrobatic plank. It’s harder than it sounds.