Megan Hislop

Acro Revolution Teacher

2014 Graduate

Cape Town, South Africa

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megan.hislop [AT]

You are powerful and amazing

Megan Hislop, LMT is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa where she co-founded Sisonke, a social circus whose aim is to bring children from diverse backgrounds together free of charge. She also toured with a flying trapeze team in the United States and has a background as an integrative massage therapist.

She is grateful to have found the acro community, a practice working in the spirit of play, honing communication skills, building strength and flexibility, while giving people the opportunity to fly and lift each other up.

If you doubt that you are able, capable, or “enough”, this practice will remind you that together we can all accomplish amazing things and that each of us has a healer and an acrobat inside!

Megan loves facilitating classes and workshops for children and adults in South Africa and the United States.