Maren Hill

Maren has always been a lover of movement: biking, capoeira, (often arrhythmic) dancing, climbing and hooping. At 4’10” Maren never did grow all the way up. When she first tried AcroYoga she was immediately hooked on this practice that allows adults to embrace their inner child and people to build strength through play. Maren is a certified AcroYoga Montreal Teacher and Acro Revolution Teacher. She has been teaching AcroYoga for five years in Bolivia, Burlington, VT, and Washington, DC. She believes everyone can benefit from the playful practice of Acro and the laughter, connection, and community it provides. Maren is also an urban planner with a deep commitment to community engagement and social justice. She’s worked on a variety of planning projects domestically and internationally.

Washington, DC, USA
Acro Revolution