Kaelyn Rogers

Acro Revolution Teacher

2015 Graduate

Boise, ID

Kaelyn is an Occupational Therapist,  Acro Revolution Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Body Worker. Also known as the ‘AcroNerd,’ Kaelyn lives up to her name by usingher anatomy and kinesiology background to improve her understanding of movement, her teaching of technique and body mechanics, and her own acrobatic practice. She provides acroyoga and acrobatic trainings in tumbling, handstands, flexibility drills, L basing, dance lifts and standing acrobatics. Kaelyn’s practice and teaching have an emphasis on creating innovative washing machines, building strength and stability, igniting creativity, and fostering connection. Offerings typically include education on pops, creative process, washing machines, hand to hand, and/or dance lifts. he is excited to share her love of acrobatics with people of all ability levels and ages around the globe. Look for Kaelyn in a city near you.

Location: Nomadic  – Traveling teacher
Instagram: @AcroNerd