John Rogers

Acro Revolution Teacher

2014 Graduate

Athens, Georgia

 Johnny Rogers is an acro-yoga junkie. When The Acro Revolution teacher training rose up out of the Acro world like a summertime circus, he bought his ticket and found himself a Revolution certified teacher in the acrobatic, Yoga, and Thai massage traditions. Acro-yoga was his personal journey and now he was ready to share that playful modality. Whilst teaching his first ever class, Johnny felt the welling up of an overwhelming joy and exuberance. This feeling exponentially increased with every class until he became a being of pure light. The following spring a 7 day acro-yoga retreat in Costa Rica came along and Johnny’s heart skipped a beat and retreat he did, surfing, beach bumming, and acro-ing. Along the way he fearlessly took to the Icarian style of pops that Aaron Lind and Millissa Greenwood were teaching and began sharing that fun and uplifting style. Johnny rides the unicycle, teaches yoga and cooks gypsy rice and beans to beat the band. And his capacity for love and compassion knows no bounds. And his acro-yoga is uplifting. Skip your plans this evening, and go to John’s class.

Working with John you’ll be recognized as an incredible individual, lead through a series of ever-changing shapes and movements, and guided safely and compassionately, oh, and playfully, through the acro-yoga that Johnny finds so much joy in.