Joe Yonek

Joe is both a certified AcroYogaMTL teacher and a 500 hour certified yoga instructor and has been teaching both since 2011. His additional interests have had him traveling and studying Taoism, shamanism, various forms of energy work and Thai Bodywork. More recently Joe graduated from professional circus school in 2016 and spends his time pursuing his passions not just as a ground acrobat, but as a circus aerialist, hand balancer and a cyr wheel artist. He was part of the 2016 Team USA competing in the cyr wheel world championship, finished second in the 2017 USA national championship. He teaches from the perspective that learning should be fun and that we should focus more of our energy toward what makes us feel good. His classes are typically filled with a great deal of laughter and joy even while students are meeting new and exciting challenges. Joe teaches his classes to challenge his students to expand beyond what they think is possible. Expect to laugh, to play, to meet new people and to be challenged. He will strengthen your personal confidence and show you the world from a different perspective.