Jean-Luc Martin

Jean Luc began his circus career as performer for the Pickle Family Circus for two tours and then attended École Nationale de Cirque in Montrel. From there he was a part of three touring shows with Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Réinventé, Knie and “ALEGRIA“. As well as being an acrobatic performer with “ALEGRIA”, he created the lead Character of “THE UGLY OLD BIRD” which became one of the lead characters in the show.

Teaching circus skills involves developing the correct system of training for each individual or group. He considers himself very fortunate to have learned the technical skill of disciplines from masters in the circus industry. His teachers (Master Lu Yi, Sasha Moiseev, Boris Verkhovsky) are a very integral part of his teaching process. He is patient but expects his students to challenge themselves and he helps guide them to reach their goals! He has been teaching in San Diego since 2008 at San Diego Circus Center. For more information please visit and/or and/or