Hobs Hobotus

Acro Revolution Teacher

2014 Graduate

Portland, OR


Hobs is definitely one of the most playful and friendly Acro monkeys you will ever meet! His love for all things Acro is delightfully infectious and irresistible. Hobs is a charismatic and compassionate Acro teacher with a clear voice, and a giving and caring approach to students. His commitment and dedication to the practice is obvious in his excellent technical skills, intelligent progressions and clear demonstrations. He takes great pleasure in introducing people to the practice and showing them a whole new world of possibilities. He excels when teaching intermediate and advanced content: his philosophy is to teach to the highest level in the room and to challenge people, wherever they are in their practice. In addition to having a strong L-Basing and washing machine practice he specializes in hand-to-hand, pops, and standing acrobatics. Hobs approaches life with a sense of joy and playfulness in all things. He meets people where they are and takes them on a journey to uncover their hidden superpowers.