Darren Ceckanowicz

Darren hails from Colorado Springs and has been passionately involved in all aspects of the recreational acrobatic scene for the past 5 years. He finds equal satisfaction in pushing his personal practice, guiding newcomers to find their own path, building strong community ties in Colorado and dabbling in performance.

In his personal practice he focuses on dynamic standing acrobatics and H2H/F2H. There is something about the precision and attention to the minutia of connection that is irresistible and he is most happy when he can focus on progressive training toward seemingly unattainable goals.

He has huge respect for all his teachers who have touched him and helped lift him along his path and is humbled to assume the role of a teacher (as a LIFT School of Acrobatics Certified Instructor) for countless others in Colorado and across the country helping them embrace their inherent strength and realize that you are always capable of so much more than you tell yourself you are.