Candace O’Neil Cihocki

Acro Revolution Teacher

2014 Graduate

Philadelphia, PA

Contact Candace

candace.cihocki [AT]

Candace Cihocki-Ahern has been teaching movement arts for almost 16 years. She holds a BFA and MFA in theatrical arts and is a trained dancer, actor, who directs and choregraphs for the stage. She is certified in and currently teaches Barre (2 years) , Pilates (11 years) and Vinyasa Yoga (5 years) . Candace completed AcroRevolution TT1 in 2014 and Seattle Acro non certified teacher training in 2016 for partner acrobatics. She co-founded in 2014 which is the host of the annual Philly Phlight Festival . She is a holistic health coach since 2013, dabbles in web design and works as a talent booking agent while upright. Her practice and teaching style are playful, fun, fierce, detailed based and often features strength based moves as well as complicated combinations. Her knowledge of performance arts combined with alignment and anatomy brings more finesse and intelligent choices to your practice. She will motivate, inspire and kick your butt into having way more fun in the most challenging ways. You can find often find her attending workshops all over the country or you can follow her on Instagram @acrocandi