Bassam Kubba

“Drstadharmasukhavihari,” means to live happily in the present moment. Bassam has lived in five different countries and has worn several professional hats: software engineer, professional climber, yoga teacher, and acrobatic performer. He has finally settled down in Manhattan as a Vinyasa Yoga, AcroYoga, Aerial Yoga, and Thai bodywork teacher.

He started his yoga practice in 2009 while he was a professional climber in the Middle East. Like many, his practice started as a physical one, but in time it has become a spiritual path, a lifestyle, and a career.

Bassam’s classes focus on transitions & balance structure with improv, strength with flexibility, and breath with body. He is extremely passionate about sharing his knowledge. His mission is “Empower life change and inspiring connection through a joyful practice.”

Bassam & Mendel
A Jew and a Muslim met up 4 years ago during an acrobatics class. Despite their opposing upbringings, they flowed like they had been practicing together for years! Ever since, they have been gettin’ it on onstage and making people laugh through their duo acrobatics. Mendel is poly and performs with multiple partners while Bassam sticks to monogamy and prefers one partner.