Anna Feoktistova

Anna loves and teaches Acroyoga. She experienced a sense of flight while getting acquainted with this practice, she began to attend classes regularly and started her teaching career in 2017. She attended workshops and festivals, learned from Russian and foreign teachers all the time. She was driven by the desire to learn, to absorb information, to be a part of acro-community and to share experiences. Before Acro, she did other body practices: yoga, pair yoga, jazz dancing, contact improvisation, Thai massage.
She takes interest in exploring the principles of movement and different views on working with your body and with a partner. And she likes to bring the new knowledge to Acroyoga.

Acroyoga for Anna is a whole world where you can endlessly discover yourself through interaction with your partner, where you can learn to trust and to be responsible, to listen, and to give feedback, to find a balance within yourself and within the partnership, where you can interactively strengthen the body, expand its capabilities, work with fears, watch how movements become more conscious and free.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Russian, English
AcroLove Certified