Andrea Macia

Andrea’s passion lies in the creation of art. Every aspect involved with producing an emotionally charged piece of artwork is what she lives for.
Envisioning, coaching, directing, expressing and sharing beauty is her passion.
Andrea Macia’s style of artistic movement is an exotic fusion acquired from training within a few distinctly inspirational cultures.
Raised in Spain, Barcelona, she provided a rich influence of passionate Spanish discipline and style. It was here that Andrea was introduced to her love of movement through ballet at a young age. Being shaped is what engraved gracefulness as the foundation to the broad range of her movement practices.

A sudden desire to be involved with Yoga ended in a spontaneous plane ticket to Vancouver, Canada. Unable to speak any English; Acroyoga quickly became her body’s way of communication through expression. While using her favorite method of training with her eyes closed, her sensitivity bloomed. She rapidly found herself as a top student of acrobatics; the subject of performances involving collaborations with high-profile artists. Andrea has created and performed in original theatrical pieces integrating practices such as dance, acrobatics, yoga, contact improv, gymnastics, and circus arts. A blend of practices that she has turned into creative recipes for fluid and emotive story telling.
Her work being portrayed through groups such as Omnika in Motion. Seen at Shambala Music Festival, Cirque de la Nuit, Fusion Dance Festival, K.A.M.P Festival, Caravan Cabaret and the Vancouver Art Convention.