Andrea Grosz

Andrea found acro yoga and the acro community in Dolores Park in 2017 when she first moved to San Francisco. She immediately embraced the practice and community, finding acro to be a perfect excuse to travel and meet new lovely humans. She is a certified AcroLove teacher and strives to give back to the community that welcomed her with open arms.

Her sports and movement journey also included competitive ice skating, cycling (including riding AIDS LifeCycle 8), racquetball, tennis, pilates, and yoga.

When she isn’t doing acro or traveling, she works as a Family Physician for the San Francisco Department of Public Health. She specializes in primary care for Latinx and LGBTQ people as well as those living with HIV. She spends at least half of her time at work speaking Spanish, her second (and favorite) language, and you’ll always find her listening to Latin music.

As a teacher, she aims to help others cultivate their acro practice and grow as humans in a safe and fun way.

San Francisco, CA, USA
English, Spanish
AcroLove Certified