Allí Shapiro

Acro Revolution Teacher

2014 Graduate

Oakland, CA

Alli is a certified AcroRevolution AcroYoga Teacher who shares the practice of acrobatic yoga with a positive, nurturing, dynamic teaching style. With a genuine interest in the human experience, Alli collaborates with her students to cultivate insight, growth and creativity during classes and workshops. Coming from a background in gymnastics, Alli’s engaging teaching style creates a safe space for individuals, partners and groups to challenge fears, explore their strengths of mind and body, and achieve joyful connections in partner balancing and acrobatic flow. Supporting students of all levels and backgrounds, Alli skillfully invites and facilitates students to explore their untapped abilities while playfully learning about themselves and others. Alli appreciates the opportunity to share knowledge, enthusiasm, laughter and hugs with her students. When Alli is not upside down or teaching acroyoga, she is a clinical psychologist and avid traveler.


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