Alison Pin

Alison’s acroyoga journey began after she retired from 12 years of competitive gymnastics. In 2016, she found a picture of acroyoga on Instagram and started trying to recreate them with friends. The challenge of the poses, the communication required for each skill, and the playfulness of the activity drew her to acroyoga, and she started attending the Sunday Jams at the Green in Santa Monica. Her love for acroyoga turned into a passion for standing acrobatics, and she is excited to share her art with others. Today, Alison coaches gymnastics at UCSD, and teaches acrobatic dance at Pacific Motion Dance Center in Carlsbad, California. She balances her love for movement while being a full time student at UCSD, with plans to pursue her dream of being a physical therapist. Her favorite things include building meaningful relationships with others, creating a sense of community, and inspiring people to achieve their goals no matter where their journey begins.