Alex Storm Laetitia

Acro Revolution Teacher


Maui, HI

French Born, Caribbean raised, Alexis’s dedicated her life to movement after her first Yoga class in NYC in 2013. Her love for the healing practice of Yoga lead her to seek out formal training (RYT 200) with the Yandara Institute in Bali, and she now teaches on the Island of Maui. In more recent years, Alexis was exposed to Acro and is fascinated at the way it builds community and strengthens bonds, not to mention the fun and out-of-the box workout it has to offer. Alexis became certified with Acro Revolution in Hawaii in 2016, and can be found a circus center’s across the mainland refining her skills. She now uses Yoga and Acro as a tool to promote physically fit and vibrant minds and bodies for an elevated lifestyle in Maui and beyond.