What do you mean online?

All classes are taught live online through Zoom!

How will this work?

You find the classes you want to take on the schedule and sign up. Please take time to look at the prereqs and be sure that you can safely attempt new skills taught without a spotter. Teachers will do their best to provide tips and suggestions by observing you through the video feed.

Are there any prerequisites to join a class?

Yes! You must be able to work on the skills on your own safely. These classes are for intermediate and advanced practitioners only. Look at each class to see the required prerequisites.

Do I need a partner?

You can join classes by yourself and watch. It is recommended though that you can join with a quarantine buddy so you can participate.

Is the price per person?

Yes, all prices are per person. Teachers will check students in before class to make sure they have paid.

What advice do you have for space setup?

You need a clear space in your home that is free from anything that a flyer could land on. Cushions, mattresses, anything that can help break your fall and keep you safe is highly recommended. Be mindful of any objects that could get in the way of legs and feet swinging about.

What advice do you have in terms of camera and lighting?

If you are using your computer, you don’t have to worry about propping the camera up, but on the flip side computer cameras are notoriously worse then cell phone cameras. If you can use a cell phone camera then consider getting a tripod to hold it. This will make it much easier to set your phone up to optimize the teacher seeing your practice.

Lighting is important so the teacher can see you. Consider using lamps and/or a nice bright window to help fill your room with light. Make sure the light is not behind you. This will cause you to be backlit and hard to see on camera. You will need lots of light in the direction of yourself from the camera to make sure you are well lit.

Is a camera required?

Yes, we need to see your beautiful face so we can check you in.

How do I use Zoom?

Please brush up on that. Find a friend to try it with. Come to class early. There are many Zoom tutorials online that can help out!

Any other tips for class?

All participants are muted upon entry. If you have something to say, you can unmute yourself. An easy way to unmute is to press down on the space bar, wait one second, and then speak.

The teacher may go over hand signs to facilitate quicker group communication. Some common ones are thumbs up and thumbs down for understanding something. If you have a question, you can come close to the camera and put your hand over it, which will make you more visible to the teacher.

Please set your Zoom display name to your given names, so it’s easier for the teacher to provide feedback (i.e. Brian & Emily).