Sunday Schedule

Sunday Morning Session 1: 9:00am – 10:40am

Reps & Sets: Fitness 4 Acro Gains

Jeremy Martin

L-Base. All Levels. Half discussion. Half application. How to create and implement a program to create measurable results.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

Quivering Palms

Gina Shiotani & Steven Cummings

Hand to Hand. Intermediate. Strong hands and soaring heights, hand to hand is one of the beloved foundation’s of an acrobat’s journey…be it side-quest or life’s devotion. This class will explore methods to refine and level-up your H2H game with L-base progressions that inform and build to standing H2H skills.

Prerequisites: L-base H2H hold with spot (5secs), two-high (base or fly)

Dual Balance

Jason & Chelsea Magness

L-Base. Intermediate. For the past many years Jason and Chelsey have been perfecting the art of dual balance. Through this very physical and mental practice, they have been able to overcome some challenging obstacles both in relationship and life. Come learn some of their favorite slacker transitions and the lessons that have come from them! This will be sure to challenge and inspire your practice in more ways than one, come with an open mind!

Prerequisites: Jump to reverse star, a mono limb balance of some sort for both base and flyer (side star/mono limb throne/ mono limb reverse star)

Merry Flyer-Go-Round

Rissa Jackson & Fadi Hamdan

L-Base. Intermediate. Flyers prepare to spin and flow! In addition, bases can look forward to some intricate footwork! This intermediate L-base flow will also include entry level pops / whips, and counterbalances, essential ingredients to an interesting flow! Bases and flyers should be comfortable with reverse star.

Prerequisites: Rev star, bird on hands, side stars

F2H & H2H Entrances & Exits

Doug Meehan & Luz Vasquez

Standing. Intermediate. Take your standing foot to hand and hand to hand to the next level by learning new creative ways to enter and exit these skills.

Prerequisites: 5 sec h2h & f2h from two high with controlled exit

Higher Level Hand to Hand

Matt Fields-Johnson & Christina Baez

Standing. Advanced. In this class we will be covering mounts and dismounts into extended hand to hand. Mounts will include: jumping-in and inlocate. Dismounts will include: sliding, dropping and cradle catching. We will go over these moves and hopefully provide more depending on skill level of the group, everyone will get challenged.

Prerequisites: Everyone must be able to either base or fly hand to hand for 10 second without walking.

Sunday Morning Session 2: 11:00am – 12:40pm

Foundational Flow

AcroLove Teachers

L-Base. All Levels. Beginner flow. Classic, foundational poses linked together for a fun flow

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites


Modern Tarzan & Chelsea Kauai

Whips. Intermediate. All whips, no chains ;p Learn the whips of your dreams or fine tune these skills and make them SAUCY. This class will cover the timing and techniques for Reverse back whip and front whip to bird on hands. Come ready to fully consent to having FUN!

Prerequisites: Should be able base/fly at least 3 solid washing machines.

Half Twist Corbettes

Jon Rea

Icarian. Intermediate. Most of you can pop out of reverse star, but can you pop into it, too? This class will teach a variety of ways to pop into reverse star—including a half twist!—along with the soft catches and flyer bails that will help you want to train safely. Come ready to be a hands-on spotter and level up your reverse star game!

Prerequisites: Proficient jump into reverse star, Bird to reverse star pop (with hands), Experience with pops from reverse star (ie. rev star to throne)

Tricky Balances Part 2

Christopher Filkins & Linnea Sablosky

Washing Machines. Int/Adv. Linnea & Chris will share a series of cues, techniques, and strategies for developing an utterly hands-free L-base flow practice. We will share inversion entrances and transitions that require no hands for either base or flyer. In this hands-free context, we will explore twisty machines such as corkscrews and koundi spins and shoulder-to-shoulder transitions like headspins. This class requires strong mono leg lifts, squats, and listening feet from the base. From the flyer: solid inversions, active side star engagement, and patient fluidity in balancing.

Prerequisites: Mono reverse star, safely do shoulder stand flyers arms at side, free side star

Epic Trio Standing

Laura Lebron, Joseph Gray, & Jeremy Martin

Standing. Advanced. Epic trio balances and flows to take your standing game to the next level. Pass the Flyer, 3 person poses, and more!

Prerequisites: Standing hand to hand

Sunday Afternoon Session 3: 2:30pm – 4:10pm

Star and Acro Inversions

Janna Wenz & Daniel Enriquez

L-Base. All Levels. We will explore variations and washing machines with star and shoulderstand.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

Playful Group Standing Poses

AcroLove Teachers

Standing. Intermediate. Play with 1, 2 and 3 base creative standing poses, fun entries and exits and ways to pass flyer in standing

Prerequisites: Comfortable climbing up / basing and flying two high

The Avalanche


Washing Machines. Intermediate. A fun twisting washing machine that require some strength, technique, and working together.

Prerequisites: Mono reverse star, foot to hand

Multi Player L-Based Flows

Sariah Papaya & Reno Gorman

L-Base. Intermediate. Choose your players and follow us through the tricky L-based game of spins, presses and rolls created by master gamers of The Handstand Nation

Prerequisites: Popping sidestar tick-tocks, Side-stars in your sleep, Barrel Rolls till you barf, an openness to our dark web of humor.

Learning to Fly with Asymmetrical Symmetry

Jordan Randall & Madi White

L-Base. Int/Adv. This class delivers challenging skills for those wishing to enter an intermediate/advanced practice. Creative asymmetrical holds and dynamic transitions are the key areas of focus during this session that will push your strength and flexibility to new heights. Get ready to have fun with your partner, rolling, pitching, and yawing in space!

Prerequisites: 5 sec hand to hand, reverse shoulder stand

The Ins and Outs of Reverse Hand to Hand

Anton Lysenko & Alison Pin

Standing. Advanced. Revamp your reverse hand to hand by adding flair to your entrances and exits. Dazzle and excite with twists, drops, and tosses, as you seamlessly add reverse H2H to your sequences.

Prerequisites: Calm 15 second standing H2H. Calm 15 second standing reverse H2H and an unassisted entrance. Preferred Pre-Requisites: Inlocates, death drops from regular H2H.

Sunday Afternoon Session 4: 4:30pm – 6:10pm

Final Therapeutic Throwdown

Whakapaingia Luke

Therapeutics. All Levels. Seal up your AcroLove Experience with Whaka. We will go through circle flows, partner stretching, and acropeutics

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

Strange Postures


L-Base. Intermediate. Photogenic and strange poses I have participated in developing over the years.

Prerequisites: Reverse Star, free shoulder stand

A Reel-y Kool TikTokable flow

Jenae Poe & Chris Thornton

L-Base. Intermediate. Get ready to wow your followers with this Dynamic L-basing flow that integrates beginning whips, pops and H2H (hand-to-hand). Level up your L-basing repertoire with more dynamic, unexpected, and fun but technical skills. Explore your range of motion and creative edge with this playful, eye-catching, and challenging L-basing sequence that will surely inspire you to explore and create more on your own!

Prerequisites: L-sit (5 seconds) reverse star, thinker, L-base foot to hand (10 seconds), L-base hand to hand for 5 seconds (with spotter allowed), ability to complete a front whip or back whip (hands connected or heavy spot ok).

Castaway Today!!

Taylored Acro

Icarian. Intermediate. Learn and/or improve your cast aways! In this class we will break down how to approach, practice, and spot this skill.

Prerequisites: Throne and Bird straight pops.

Whirls, Swirls and Twirls

Mendel Romanenko & Alison Pin

Standing. Int/Adv. Join these two dedicated performers as they share some of their performance secrets. This adagio journey involves lifts, inversions, flips, and twirls. This flow will focus on body shape and control as height and complexity are gradually added.

Prerequisites: High Bird, some experience with Adagio


Laura Lebron & Joseph Gray

Standing. Advanced. We’ll break down inlocate into bite sized pieces that are easy to digest. Our appetizer will be calibration with your partner (yummmm). Main course will be technique with wasabi on the side (mmmmmmm). For dessert we offer the sweet sweet satisfaction of having everything you need to practice inlocate safely on your own. You’ll leave with all the delicious tools for success in your to-go box.

Prerequisites: 10 second standing hand to hand (no steps)