Saturday Schedule

Saturday Morning Session 1: 9:00am – 10:40am

Acro Movement

Ezra LeBank

L-Base. All Levels. Learn about weight transfer techniques to connect with a partner and create reciprocal acrobatics patterns that will twist your brain and level up your proprioception. These moves are an exciting change of pace from static basing structures, and can serve as transition material for acrobats interested in creating dynamic performances.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

Master Class on Whips

Josh Young & Debbie Collis

Whips. Intermediate. This class will give you our progressions, tips, and approach to whips. Josh & Debbie were a part of a core group of acrobats that helped define this genre, developing early moves and creating a platform for the world to jump off of. Now we will go back to the roots and break down how we think about whips and ways to approach them safely and effectively. These progressions have been developed for over 10 years, and we are excited to share them with you.

Prerequisites: Front Swing

Intro to L Basing Hand to Hand

Woodrow Greenwald & Kylee Baze

Hand to Hand. Intermediate. Learn warmups and progressions to safely jump into and exit low hand to hand

Prerequisites: Star, Back fly, Ability to hold 3 second handstand with or without a spotter

New Spin on Frankenstein Flow

Sariah Papaya & Sean Keehan

L-Base. Intermediate. Join us in the lab where we have experimented with cool moves and poses all year to create a new freak of nature. Frankenstein is stitched together by the Handstand Nation for a fun Spin-tastic long flow. You can rip this apart and create your own monster. Bring your creepy laugh and evil intensions!

Prerequisites: Barrel rolls please, Ninja star for god sake’s, basic pops, reverse star, playful spirit, jaded heart, tough sensibilities.

The Dream

Jacob Brown & Alexandra Mohr

L-Base. Int/Adv. The Dream is a long symmetrical washing machine which is the perfect tool to hone in your acro skills on both sides. If you like fast paced and challenging l-base then this is the class for you.

Prerequisites: Ninja Stars, High Barrel Rolls, Barrel Rolls, Carousels.

Get On Me Hands

Adam Hiner & Christina Baez

Standing. Advanced. Jumping into hand to hand from shoulders is so 1990. Want to learn some new ways into regular and reverse hand to hand? We will explore entrances into both positions that you may have never seen before (que dramatic music).

Prerequisites: Standing hand to hand and reverse hand to hand for 5 seconds no walking

Saturday Morning Session 2: 11:00am – 12:40pm

Acro Basics


L-Base. All Levels. Looking at some details of how we make connections with hands and feet at shoulders and hips. Come back to the basics to dive deeper into your practice.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

From Fawn to Swan

Gina Shiotani & Steven Cummings

Adagio. Intermediate. Rise up and glide through the air with savoir-faire, delighting flyers & bases alike in this glorious dance to share! The form and fluidity of acro adagio creates a practice both beautiful to regard and fun to explore. Entwine yourselves in a transformational experience from stumbling fawn to graceful swan and laugh your way through the journey. The art of acro exists in many shapes & styles, but adagio hums the harmonic notes of the heartstrings like no other. Dance and be merry in this intermediate adagio class, one of our favorite forms of physical expression.

Prerequisites: High side-star, base or fly

Your New Favorite Machine

Jon Rea

Washing Machines. Intermediate. You’re gonna get what I love to do: tricky transitions and fancy footwork. Come learn your next favorite machine. But better yet, learn how to make your footwork more fluid, your transitions more seamless, and your flyer even happier!

Prerequisites: barrel roll, ninja star

Get Downs & Pop Ups

Crystal Nardico & Jeremy Martin

L-Base / Standing. Intermediate. A class for the confused. A blend of pops, not quite standing F2H, a little rH2H, there might be a whip, and probably a castaway. A little flow that will include as many different elements as possible.

Prerequisites: F2H, Shoulder stand, 2 high, familiarity with basic whips

Next Level L-base H2H

Josh Young & Laura Lebron

L-Base H2H. Intermediate / advanced. Take your L-base h2h game to the next level as we explore entrances, exits, pops, and machines with hand to hand.

Prerequisites: 10 sec low h2h

Volcano of Power 2: We Lava Pops

Matt Radford & Ash Peltz

L-Base H2H. Advanced. Come explore the twisting magma of Icarian happiness! This class will introduce and reinforce a fundamental tenet of the Icarian practice – co-creating a Volcano of Power. We’ll offer many progressions to add to your practice, as well as a technical and proportion-dependent understanding of Icarian mechanics. If you want floaty and powerful pops, this is the class for you.

Prerequisites: Static foot-to-foot, 4 tempo Icarian throne straight throws, laser-focused spotting

Saturday Lunch Talking Session 12:40 – 1:40 pm

Oral Skillz

Kira Kelly
Communication hacks to express yourself and your needs in a productive way.

Saturday Afternoon Session 3: 2:30pm – 4:10pm

Dance Lifts

Jeremy Martin

Adagio. All Levels. You want to learn dance lifts but you don’t know where to start. Join us for this class where we break down the basics and show you progressions and skills that make dance lifts fun and accessible.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

Acro Bop It Game

AcroLove Teachers – Max, Gina & Lo

Acro Game. Intermediate. A fast paced fun acro game of our favorite 90’s toy BOP IT! Switch base/flyer, new pose names and party like it’s 1999.

Prerequisites: Side Star tick-tocks

Pop it like’s it Hot

Josh Young & Lizzy Tomber

L-Base. Intermediate. Join Lizzy and Josh for this rare chance to take a class with 2 of the cofounders of AcroLove. We have 4 small kids, and this is the first opportunity in over 6 years for us to teach a class together. We taught this specific class 9 years ago in 2013 at Divine Play, and it was undoubtedly one of the best classes we ever taught. Rekindle that magic and join us for a class that takes hands connected pops to the next level!

Prerequisites: Throne pop to bird with hands, jump into reverse star


Kraig Mead & Angela Bryant

Adagio. Intermediate. This class will connect dance lifts and partner acrobatics into a seamless flow of creative expression. Spend time working with us and learn how to dance your acro! Build from the concepts of connection and timing while focusing on flyer drills and base drills. Be prepared to be challenged in all the right ways. You will end this class with a nice little acro-dance flow.

Prerequisites: Cartwheels and shoulder-stands and inversions, oh my!

Tricky Balances

Christopher Filkins & Linnea Sablosky

L-Base. Int/Adv. This class will explore mono shoulder balances, progressing towards free holds in reverse star, star, and shoulder stand monos. Additionally, instructors will share a variety of entrances into free reverse star. This is an intermediate-to-advanced slackro class focussed on one-point-of-contact inversions, and Part One of a two-part series, Part Two of which will occur the following day, Sunday!

Prerequisites: Mono reverse star, safely do shoulder stand flyers arms at side


Matt Fields-Johnson & Christina Baez

Adagio. Advanced. This class will be a mix of adagio and dance lifts that will be suitable and challenging for all levels.

Prerequisites: High Bird (Dirty Dancing Style)

Saturday Afternoon Session 4: 4:30pm – 6:10pm

Intro to Icarian

Jon Rea

L-Base. All Levels. Are you ready to add dynamic movement and height to your acro practice? You’ve seen pops and wanted to try them, but you aren’t sure about safe techniques yet. This class will take you through the fundamentals of Icarian pops, alignment, and how to receive your flyer safely. We will work with progressions and spotters to get everyone flying safely through the air.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

Acrogasm Greatest Hits

Lux, Jason & Chelsey Magness

L-Base. Intermediate. Relive the greatest moments from the most successful acro tour in history.

Prerequisites: Ninja Star, foot to hand

Next Level Therapeutic Flying

Whakapaingia & Josh Young

Therapeutics. Intermediate. This class will dive deep into acropeutics, and explore intermediate and advanced variations of therapeutic moves.

Prerequisites: Comfortable basing a basic therapeutic flow

Adagio Flow

Joe Yonek

Adagio. Intermediate. Combine acrobatics, dance, and movement in flow to create a routine for you and your partner. Play with it in the park, your home, or on the dance floor!

Prerequisites: High Bird

Back Whips

Taylored Acro

Icarian. Int/Adv. One of the cornerstores of epic moves in the annals of icarian, the back whip is a great introduction into higher level icarian.

Prerequisites: Back bird to star, throne straight tosses


Anton Lysenko

Standing. Advanced. Learn progressions, technique, and timing for inlocates. Direct transmission will be offered for those that are ready.

Prerequisites: 10 second standing hand-to-hand