Friday Schedule

Friday Morning Intensives 9:00am – 12:00pm

Acro Games

Ezra Lebank

Acro / Movement. All Levels. Flip your world upside down. Drawing from Capoeira, Circus Acrobatics, and Contact Improvisation, discover improvised acrobatics. Learn to play by your own rules with a strong connection to space, time, and partnership. The class will include conditioning, kinetic structures, improvisation, and ensemble acrobatics.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

Group Acro with Tempos

Kraig Mead, Angela Bryant & Matt Radford

Group Standing. Intermediate. This class will be a fun mix of swing tosses, pitches, and launches. More friends, more fun. Skills that are difficult for experienced duos are made easy with extra hands and feet.

Prerequisites: Two high and headstands or handstands

L-Base Mix Tape

Josh Young & Debbie Collis

L-Base. Intermediate. This class will be a greatest hits of all the different styles of L-base acro. Grab your cassette player and strap in for a wild ride around the sphere of L-base acrobatics! We will teach in progressions, so no pressure to hit full skills. We will also give advanced options for practitioners that are ready.

Prerequisites: High Barrel Roll, Ninja Star

Washing Machine Mania

Jacob Brown & Alexandra Mohr

Washing Machines. Int/Adv. Jacob and Alex will take you on a fast paced exploration of many challenging washing machines. We will start off by improving your foundations. Later we will push you to add more movements to your repertoire. By the end you will be a spinning, twisting, force of nature!

Prerequisites: Barrel Roll, High Barrel Roll, Ninja Stars, Biglemoi

Toe Pitching

Matt Fields-Johnson & Christina Baez

Standing. Advanced. In this class we will cover toe pitching to reverse foot to hand and to reverse hand to hand using safe progressions and confident spotting.

Prerequisites: You should be able to base or fly both standing hand to hand and foot to hand for 10 seconds with control.

Friday Afternoon Intensives 2:00pm – 5:00pm


Whakapaingia Luke

Therapeutics. All Levels. Float and relax downstream as we embark on a journey together into loving kindness. Learn massage techniques and some acropeutic inverted stretches.

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites

Funky Washing Machines

Sariah Papaya & Reno Gorman

L-Base. Intermediate. Every year we try to roll out a new machine or five to keep you challenged, dizzy and entertained. Snag some classic THN moves to add to your flows or create a new one with our funky machine format. These are strong base, strong fire machines. Not for the weak or easily offended. In this intensive we will show you as many roll-ey, spin-ey, intuitive flow machines you probably haven’t seen along with some great classics to keep your flows rolling fast.

Prerequisites: side star in your sleep, ninja star. Playful spirit and a love for Spinning machines. Open heart optional.

Fairy Flow

Modern Tarzan & Chelsea Kauai

L-Base. Intermediate. A dynamic flow incorporating some of our favorite machines (unique entry, pick pocket, grand Torino, ballerina). We love that it requires skill from both base and flyer to make it look effortless.

Prerequisites: Be able to solidly base or fly 3 machines, one of which is corkscrew. Ballerina would also be helpful.


Joseph Gray & Laura Lebron

Hand to Hand. Int/Adv. We will use progressions and good spotting to take your standing h2h game to the next level by exploring reverse and regular entrances, exits, and transitions.

Prerequisites: 10 sec standing h2h

Texas Hold’em (up)

Adam Hiner, Jordan Randall, Gina Shiotani, Steven Cummings

Group Standing. Advanced. Whistle-in your bases and wrangle your flyers, it’s an acro rodeo! Big skills and all the thrills come together in this coordination of tumbling chaos. We’ll pop from the hip and send flyers to the wild blue yonder, holding the line ’til past moonrise. Ante up acro lovers, it’s time to show us what you got!

Prerequisites: 10 sec Standing H2H (calm), base or fly